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Tours Turkey

= "/ uploads/site_structure/ru/info/turtsiya/exturtsiya/00.jpg" width =
"300" align = " right "border =" 0 "> country with a long history and
ancient traditions, which tell the relics and monuments of different eras.
Of particular interest from this point of view, Istanbul - Turkey's
historic center. Hittites and Urartu, Phrygians and Lycians, the majestic
Roman amphitheater, preserved ancient Christian churches of Byzantium and
the graceful minarets of mosques ... And how much beauty and romance
fraught with the names of ancient cities -, Bergama,, Didymus,,
Aphrodisias, Perge. Countless legends surround you everywhere.

Turkey - is a great place for a vacation, with breathtaking scenery,
majestic and historic monuments.

No single person at least once not pobyvashego, or does not dream to be
in this fascinating country. And those who have already visited Turkey
back there again and again! Holidays in Turkey leaves unforgettable

Our you learn about this unique country, and also be able to choose for
your holiday and appropriate. We offer excellent facilities in modern
hotels, located on the coast of Turkey.

Among other things you can learn about dostoprimichatelnostyah cities
of Turkey, such as -,,,,,, and. And what is to visit museums in Turkey.



Resort Cesme is situated 80 km west of Izmir on the peninsula jutting
out into the Aegean Sea. Name the city gave numerous mineral springs,
which were discovered in this region in the 18-19 centuries.


Cesme - the longest on the Aegean coast. The best sandy
beaches of Altinkum Pirlanta and in the southern part of the city. Beach
Alakati known for its ability to windsurfing. Here, learning to ride a
board newbies and those who want to hone your skills, because in Alakati
no strong currents and tides.

Cesme is not only one of the most famous beach resorts of Turkey, but
also an excellent Spa centers. The mild climate of the region and the
sandy beaches are used for climate-and water mineral springs of different
chemical composition - for treatment. Using a variety of procedures in
Cesme on HIV prevention nonspecific respiratory diseases, musculoskeletal
and functional diseases of the nervous system.

From architectural landmarks Cesme allocated the 14 th century Genoese
fortress in the city. Now here is Armory Museum, and in July each year
there is a music festival. Near the fortress is karavansayray 16 th
century, which in ancient times was one of the staging posts on the Silk
Road, now a hotel.

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Fethiye - a wonderful bay of the majestic
mountains, covered with fragrant pine forests. City Fethiye strong> is located in the innermost part of it, at the foot of the
mountain, crowned by the ruins of the fortress of chivalry.

Fethiye is located 60 km from Dalaman International
Airport and conditionally divided into 2 parts: a direct resort
, which accounted for the many restaurants, bars and
disco, and located within half an hour District expensive luxury hotels
(Lykia World Residence & Village, Club Hotel Letoonia, Hill Side Beachi
etc.). Each of the hotel is situated in its own small bay, or even on a
small island.

Fethiye offers ample opportunities for active
recreation : the resort is the capital of Turkey,
paragliding, and tour the 12 islands of Fethiye Bay
»on board will enjoy the picturesque bays near and islands.


Mount Uludag (2543 m) in ancient times was called Vifinsky Olympus.
Current Uludag summer becomes a popular place for picnics, and in winter
skiers flock there.

Uludag Ski Center is located at an altitude of 1700 m, 35 km from Bursa
(the capital of the Ottoman Empire in the XIV.). Uludag Region is rich in
mineral springs.

Bursa to the nearest airport - 35 km.

From Istanbul - 4 hours by ferry.

Ski season lasts from December to May.

Apres-ski and night life

Cafes, bars, discos in season working 24 hours a day.

Advise to go on a trip to Bursa. Many architectural monuments, notably
the Ulu Mosque Jami and Eshil-Jami (XV cent.) Deserve special attention.
Bursa and today is famous for the production of fabrics and silk, are sold
in specialized shops and bazaars. An interesting event - trip to the bath
Yeni Kaplydzha, one of the best in Turkey. Bathhouse built Rust Pasha,
Grand Vizier of Suleiman II, and its halls, swimming pools, fountains
still amaze visitors of the magnificence of decoration.


Ski area skiing Uludag is located at an altitude of 1765-2232 m. The
snow here is an average of 178 days a year. In the region - 14 ski slopes
with total length of 16,2 km, which are served 7 chair and 7 rope tows (10
thousand people per hour). Longest slope-Kushaklykaya Garan Telesiezh
(length 3 km).

The best route from the tops Sahinkaya Tepe and Tutyeli Tepe laid the
absence of forests on the slopes. And below, below the resort, starts a
dense forest, a great opportunity for hiking.

In the sports center in Uludag 15 excellent hotels, with accommodation
cost includes use of their own lifts. Skiers can go up the hill and on any
other lifts, but then have to pay for it.

Uludag is known as the ideal place for family holidays, but because
there enough trails for beginners. Services are provided by instructors
under the direction of where kids will be the first to stand on skis,
while experienced skiers to improve skills.


Istanbul - one of the largest cities in the world of business and
manufacturing center of the country, "a city of contrasts, a treasure
house of ancient states and cultures. These are just a few of the epithets
of a unique city in which everyone will find themselves all that wish. P>

From a historical point of view of cities equal in the world Istanbul
no. This is the only city located in two parts of the world. The only city
that from the very beginning of its foundation was the capital of the
three most influential countries in the world.

City, which many times changed its name, each of which marks the
brightest periods in world history: Byzantium, New Rome, Constantinople,
Istanbul, Tsargrad.Eto city, almost two thousand years, played an
important role in determining the fate of the world. The city, which even
in a period of decline, was full of splendor and secularism.

This city can face a dramatic upheaval always revived and updated,
symbolizing the new era. Among the beautiful scenery created by nature and
man, for centuries played out a drama of many acts and actors of this
historical plays were the Roman emperors, Byzantine courtiers, knights of
the cross, the inmates harems, sultans ...

Fairy magic past centuries and today it is covered. Palaces of the
sultans, numerous mosques with minarets Radio Flyer, famous of which is
the Blue Mosque and old churches, museums, the cathedral of St. Sophia,
Bosporus, Istanbul bazaar - all these features Istanbul from other cities
and make it colorful and full of life.

Life in Istanbul is so vigorous that in the eastern mottled, it seems,
raised the Ottoman Empire, and the bright appearance of flowering bazaars
and shops, restaurants and entertainment just fascinating.

least once in life, this town is worth a visit, wander through the
narrow streets of the historic center, visit the chic boutiques of
world-famous fashion houses, indulge in a delicious cooked fish in
restaurants on the shore of the Bosphorus, visit temples and mosques. p>

Days, held in Istanbul, will add to the treasure of your knowledge and


Side town located on a peninsula 68 km from the airport Atnalya. Side
- a combination of beautiful nature, architectural monuments and modern
resort living. Side means "pomegranate". Before the Roman period,
pomegranate was a symbol of the city. Even on the coins that were minted
in Side, was a picture of this fruit. In ancient times, Side was known as
the largest market of the slave trade. Peak of its development the city
has reached in the II century during the Roman Empire. The most important
architectural monuments were erected during this period. In the IV century
the town of Side has lost its significance and by the tenth century was
almost completely devastated by earthquakes, the raids of the Arabs and
the Crusades. In 1895, immigrants settled here from Crete. And only
recently, thanks to the development of tourism in the region, the city
turned into a picturesque resort.

In Side you will have a unique
opportunity to plunge into the past and get acquainted with architectural
monuments. Well preserved central gate and walls of the city, as well as
an amphitheater (II century), the entrance to which is decorated with a
monumental arch and fountain. During the Roman Empire Theater was used for
gladiatorial combat. Draw your attention to the Statue of Vespasian and
the Temple of Apollo. Historic Monuments is the best complement the
atmosphere of the Turkish resort. Not far from the river Manavgat Side,
with the unique beauty eponymous waterfall. The main resort places of the
region are the Side: Colakl? (14 miles short of Side), Kumkoy (3 miles
before reaching the Side), Titreengel (7 miles toward Alanya), Alanya (6
miles east of Side).


Ski Center Palandoken is located at an altitude of
2100 m, 5 km from the center of Erzurum.

Founded in IVc. as a Byzantine fortress Feodosiopolis - modern Erzurum
- is the largest city in Eastern Anatolia. Throughout its history the city
has repeatedly passed from hand to hand: it was ruled by Arabs,
Byzantines, Armenians, Seljuks. Despite the numerous wars and destruction,
and many ancient monuments are preserved to this day. Among the main
attractions, the Grand Mosque (1179), Medrese with Double Minaret (1253).
Tour in Erzurum, and cognitive, and interesting.

The nearest airport Erzurum - 15 km.

Ski season lasts from November to late April.


Palandoken - an ideal place for skiing. Many times there were major
international competitions.

Beam riding in regions Palandoken - from 2250 to 3100 m, the total
length of the tracks of different categories - 30 km. From the top Edzher
(3100 m) down the road have at least 2: moderately complex and difficult.